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VIVAX. Simply quality.

VIVAX is a global brand that has existed since 2004. and is currently present in more than 35 markets. As an expert in the consumer electronics category, VIVAX has the widest range of electronic devices on the market – more than 300 quality products, divided into five main categories: air conditioners, television and audio devices, white goods and built-in white goods, small household appliances and smart devices. All electronic devices are produced according to the real needs of consumers, with proven technology and according to the latest EU standards, without deviations in quality.

One of the greatest advantages of the VIVAX brand is the excellent after-sales service supported by a branched service network in all markets.

Air conditioners

Finely tempered and clean air is a prerequisite for creating the feeling of a pleasant stay in a space. When designing and manufacturing VIVAX air conditioners, proven technological achievements are applied, which contribute to quiet and reliable operation and exceptional economy, both in cooling and heating rooms. The modern design of the interior units can fit into any space. In order to always ensure the desired temperature in your home, control of VIVAX air conditioners is also possible remotely, via mobile phones.

All VIVAX air conditioners have a 5-year warranty, subject to regular annual service by an authorized VIVAX repairer.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as an ecological and economically viable solution for heating, air conditioning and the preparation of domestic hot water. They use free energy from the environment in such a way that they use the difference in the temperature of the environment for work, and the energy sources can be earth, water or air. Savings in heating can be up to 75%. The VIVAX brand offers several different models that customers can choose depending on their real needs. VIVAX project engineers will be happy to help with their advice and recommendations when choosing a model.

TV devices

Top VIVAX TV devices are produced in Croatia in screen sizes from 22″ to 65″. TV production uses proven technology that is proven to work, which makes VIVAX television reliable, attractive and easy to use for everyone.

After many years of experience in the production of LED television , the VIVAX brand took a step further and was the first in Croatia and the wider region to launch the production of a line of Google-certified 4K Q LED television with the latest Android 11 operating system, which provides the fastest and best access to all applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

AUDIO devices

In the creation of VIVAX audio devices, inspiration is sought in customers and their needs. VIVAX audio devices are designed for fun, relaxation and music enjoyment wherever you are. The combination of modern design and the latest technology guarantees advanced, high-quality devices that can fit into any living space.

Small household appliances

VIVAX small household appliances are characterized by ease of use, attractive and modern design, affordable prices and high quality, to make everyday life easier and better.

White goods

The VIVAX range of white goods includes large household appliances that will facilitate numerous daily tasks, whether it is cooking, washing clothes or preserving the freshness of food. Refrigerators and freezers come in various dimensions, so everyone can find a model that will fit perfectly into the space of the home. All VIVAX refrigerators and freezers come with a 5-year warranty. In the range of stoves, you can choose between gas and electric models. And there is also a large selection of electric water heaters.

Built-in white goods

VIVAX built-in devices have a simple and minimalist design supported by innovative and long-lasting technology. The range allows you to fully equip your home with devices of standard dimensions ranging from built-in refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, hobs, dishwashers and washing machines to kitchen hoods.

Smart devices

The VIVAX brand offers smart watches, tablets and mobile devices. All devices are easy to use, and stand out with modern design and technology. They are designed so that users make the best use of all the possibilities that technology offers them. The strictest product quality control and ensured service support ensures safety in the operation of the device

Quality control

The VIVAX production strategy is based on the use of proven and functionally high-quality technological solutions, and strict quality control is carried out during the entire production process. The finished products are finally tested according to the latest quality testing methods for durability in extreme conditions. Thanks to such quality control, all VIVAX devices meet all prescribed European certificates.

Service support

VIVAX service support is recognized among customers as one of the best after-sales support on the market. Inquiries are answered quickly, and a whole team of people in authorized services solves all potential problems with the devices in the shortest possible time.


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