VIVAX air conditioners are the best in terms of quality

VIVAX air conditioners

VIVAX air conditioners started their journey on the Croatian market 15 years ago. Success is based on a smart development policy, top quality air conditioners and perfect design, the value of which has been confirmed by various awards and recognitions. After the Best buy award for 2016/2017, VIVAX air conditioners are proud holders of the QUDAL – QUALITY MEDAL award for 2017/2018. This means that they offer their users the highest level of quality.

The award is all the more valuable since it was awarded by construction professionals (investors, architects, construction engineers, construction technicians and construction company owners) and do-it-yourself masters. VIVAX air conditioners are adapted to each target group. They are distinguished by top designs for the most modern spaces, all the way to classic models for those who are more inclined to traditional decoration. Special emphasis is placed on energy efficiency, and therefore on high standards in environmental protection.

The group of professionals who chose VIVAX in the category of air conditioners highly values the reliability and high-tech component of the product in their work, verified through many years of presence on the market. Constant monitoring and implementation of high technology can best be demonstrated through VIVAX “smart” air conditioners. Through the Wi-Fi module, the air conditioners can be controlled using smartphones. Air conditioners can even be controlled when the user is not near the device itself. The long-term effort and investment in VIVAX air conditioners is recognized every year by more and more satisfied, both professional and private users. QUDAL – QUALITY MEDAL can have only one brand in the category, and this year the proud bearer of that sign is VIVAX air conditioners. In order for VIVAX to receive such a prestigious award, equal attention was paid to all segments of product development. In addition to the quality itself, which is reflected in the three-year warranty and provided service support, VIVAX also brings other features such as quiet operation when cooling and heating the space, and clean air, which is taken care of by numerous filters, is among the most important conditions for a pleasant stay in the space.